New Blog, New Chromebooks, New Adventure …

There is nothing more fun to watch than a curious kid.  

Over the last week, I’ve had way too much fun.  Watching students’ eyes light up at the idea that the Chromebooks were arriving.  Watching them carefully unzip the cases, set them on the desk and begin testing them out.  Eagerly customizing and exploring on their first few days.  Investigating all kinds of interesting material: from apps to help with organization to cool science videos to research papers written by students their own age. 

Chromebooks are here!

Since we had all been anxiously awaiting them for so long, I figured we were all prepared.  Students had been brainstorming on how to best use them in class, how they were going to handle the added responsibility, and what kinds of amazing things they could do with the Chromebooks.

Personally, I had anticipated being thrilled at not having to make the continuous journey to to copy machine (which as any teacher can imagine, a truly liberating feeling).  I had been adapting all my documents to be easily shared and complete with live links to assist in student learning.  I had been researching differentiation options and felt I had a pretty good handle on how to move forward.  

However, even I was unprepared for how quickly the world would change.

I don’t even know if I can describe it.  When students opened up those Chromebooks, it was like they were opening up an entirely new world.  In the first week, we’ve tested out a homework app, a blended Chromebook/paper lab, online annotating tools, online journaling, new ways to bookmark, customized class folders, and a shared data table.  We’ve debated the pros and cons of technology, stressed the importance of continuing hands-on activities and labs, and had students teaching the benefits of certain apps and extensions.  It’s been amazing.  It’s a lot like trying to comprehend the vastness of the universe.  It’s awe-inspiring, humbling, and scary all at the same time.  Suddenly, I feel like education has no bounds … for the students and for me.  

Teaching about myHomework app

I have said it a lot this year … It’s a great time to be a teacher.  Watching students learn in entirely new ways with the Chromebooks only solidifies that fact.  If the first week went this well, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring …   


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