Announcing the Launch of

For the past several weeks, all ninety-three students in my sixth grade science classes have been working toward one common goal … to create their own website. Finally, it’s ready to be shown to the world!  I’m so pleased to announce the launch of …

Their purpose in creating the website was to help people stay healthier.  To do this, they had to understand diseases, and therefore, the cells that make up these microorganisms.
This guided inquiry unit came from four fabulous unit designers (E. Alford, S. Merten, R. Muran and A. Smith) and is our first leap into the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). This unit combines so many amazing things, from working on Chromebooks (thanks to the 1:1 pilot) to collaboration across four different class periods to real world connections.  Every single piece of the website (including how to make decisions regarding it) has been created by students.  Words cannot even begin to express how proud I am of all they have accomplished, but I will let their work speak for itself.  Enjoy!

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