Random Acts of Awesome

I’ve always considered myself lucky to work with such incredible young people.  Not a day goes by where they don’t do something that amazes me and really shows how phenomenal they are.  However in the last few weeks, I experienced an onslaught of crazy cool things … it can only be described as a few weeks crammed full of random acts of awesomeness.

Here’s just a small selection of some of the awesome things that happened!

Bringing my leftover Halloween candy to a student who collects it every year for Ronald McDonald House!  

A beautiful tribute to our monarch caterpillars that didn’t make it (which was all of them … whoops).  


A student-created flipped lesson … which was inspired by his math teacher, Mr. Humphreys, and his flipped lessons (check out his blog here!).


Speaking of student creations, check out this student-engineered crane machine!  It even had prizes (pencils and erasers … my fav!).

To close it all out … student-created rubrics with descriptors that can only be described as awesome!

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