Hour of Code

Today, students (and teachers!) participated in Hour of Code.  If you aren’t familiar, Hour of Code is part of Computer Science Education Week and encourages people of all ages and ability levels to have fun with coding!  Or, in the words of a few students today …


Here are some other things I’ve been hearing throughout the day.

“Yay, I did it!  I wrote a line of code.”
“Oh, she moved!  Go Elsa! Go Elsa!”
“I wish Hour of Code could be every day.”
“I hacked it!  When I pass an obstacle, I’m going to score a point.  This is going to be great.”
“THERE IS A PUMA!!  You have to unlock it!”
“Oh, I did it!  I can’t believe I just did that.”
“Wait, you get enemies? Wow, that’s so cool!”

And my personal favorite …
“It can’t get better than this.”

Why is coding so cool?  It’s creating and problem-solving and fun all wrapped into one.  It relates to a huge variety of scientific concepts and skills.  In class, students have connected coding with procedure-writing, DNA, atoms, electrical circuits, cause and effect, astronomy, and coding to cure cancer.  Check out some of the awesome creations from today!




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