Siemens Science Day

Today, the sixth grade science classes at Caruso Middle School were visited by fourteen amazing volunteers from Siemens Healthcare as part of their Siemens Science Day program. Volunteers led a lab activity on the dangers of antibacterial soap, which fits perfectly in our current unit on microlife.
Testing the bacteria
Students replicated the work that microbiologist do by testing a variety of bacteria. They exposed the samples to antibacterial soap and saw how the bacteria changed over time. Students graphed their data and analyzed the results. What they found was shocking … the good bacteria died off and the bad bacteria thrived! They concluded that the antibacterial soap did not work as they expected.  
Graphing the data (with mutant turtles representing the mutant bacteria)

Having Siemens Healthcare volunteer for the day was a great way to learn about antibacterial soap as well as microbiology!

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