Students Owning the Assessment Process Through Rubric Creation

Ah, rubrics.  The favored tool for assessment by teachers.  Loved for their wonderful detail and their range of performance levels, rubrics are a great way to communicate expectations to students. Just like other teachers, I love a good rubric.  There's just one problem ... I'm really horrible at making them. I'm so horrible, in fact, that I've … Continue reading Students Owning the Assessment Process Through Rubric Creation

Random Acts of Awesome

I've always considered myself lucky to work with such incredible young people.  Not a day goes by where they don't do something that amazes me and really shows how phenomenal they are.  However in the last few weeks, I experienced an onslaught of crazy cool things ... it can only be described as a few weeks crammed … Continue reading Random Acts of Awesome

Announcing the Launch of

For the past several weeks, all ninety-three students in my sixth grade science classes have been working toward one common goal ... to create their own website. Finally, it's ready to be shown to the world!  I'm so pleased to announce the launch of ...   Their purpose in creating the website was to … Continue reading Announcing the Launch of

Exactly What We Want

A couple of weeks ago, my students were doing research on different types of animals.  One student came up, chuckling, to show me his computer screen.  I stood there, staring at it for almost a full minute, before I realized what he was laughing at.  Once I got it, he eagerly took it around to … Continue reading Exactly What We Want

New Blog, New Chromebooks, New Adventure …

There is nothing more fun to watch than a curious kid.   Over the last week, I've had way too much fun.  Watching students' eyes light up at the idea that the Chromebooks were arriving.  Watching them carefully unzip the cases, set them on the desk and begin testing them out.  Eagerly customizing and exploring … Continue reading New Blog, New Chromebooks, New Adventure …